If you came here wondering if there was a reliable DIY termite control method — there is.

Here you have access to a better, more advanced termite killing system than the professionals use — because it is designed especially for homeowners by the man who wrote the text books used to train ordinary men and women to become professional pest technicians. You can learn just as they learned, and, the tools and products are readily available.

To really get down to it, these principles and products are essentially the same or better; you only have to watch a video, read a few instructions and, because you do the work and buy direct, you’ll save thousands of dollars.

Safety? The chemical in the bait that kills termite colonies is safe to humans, pets and wildlife. Even if your dog could get to it and eat it, just consider it expensive dog food and a waste of termite killing bait!

You can do a proper job, safely. You can eliminate termites from your worry list.

And, paying more doesn’t kill termites any deader than dead!

What do you need?

Advice: our comprehensive How-to-Guide will take you through the tried and standard procedures which tell you how to identify the serious from the nuisance termites so you don’t waste time and effort, how to use the products and how to check your property like a pro to minimise future threats.

Bait to kill them wherever you find live termites eating solid wood, and/

TermiteTraps to entice scouting termites into a place where you can easily notice they have arrived so you can feed them the bait they take back to kill off their.colony.

How does it work?


The serious subterranean termites come up from the soil to get to wood using mud covered tunnels whenever they cross exposed areas. Gaps and splits in timber are also filled in with mud. By tapping gently along the timbers you may hear a change in sound from solid to hollow. If you make a small, 5mm hole into the hollowed timber you should see the termites inside as they come to defend and repair the hole you made. Placing an aluminium foil pouch of bait over that hole allows the worker termites to enter and begin harvesting the bait to take back to the nest, wherever it is. Full details are in the How-to-Guide and the video.

Termite trapping

The instinct of a colony is to ensure survival by finding and feeding from multiple sources; they’ve learned that a single food source can be washed away or burnt.



Even though they may have a whole shed and a fence to eat, scouts are regularly foraging for something else.

The Trapping method
is to give them something easy to find all around your property. The more Traps you put around, the more likely and sooner, you will intercept a scouting party. They will use their instincts to block up the hole which lets you know they’ve arrived and you begin baiting them without any disturbance and again, they take the bait back to destroy the whole colony.

Spreading the 22 traps around is only a 10-15 minute job you only have to do once for decades (We guarantee them for 10 years; they’ll last longer). You only need to check the top holes as you glance at them walking past — at least three monthly. It makes sense to feed them outside in a Trap rather than inside your home!

That’s it!

Where to from here?

You can get the prices, including delivery to your door by AusPost and buy the products online by clicking here.

If you’ve found live termites, you can get as much additional information as you need by clicking here

If you haven’t found live termites and you want to defend your home forever, click here.

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